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6th Grade Math Teacher
Academic School Year 2017-2018

           " Hot News"

 Dear Parents : We need parent volunteers for our 6th grade Field Trip to take place in February, below you can see how become as volunteers from the MDPS.

Parents need to have their Parent Portal set up. If not they need to set that up first.


2) click parents tab

3) click login to Portal

4) click Create and Account.

From their Parent Portal

1) click on "be a school volunteer"

2) click Select a new volunteer location 

3) select our School


    ***Teacher of the Year***

   I want to say thanks to all my

colleages, students and parents

that made this possible, I am

proud to be a public school teacher

and be part of Howard D.

McMillan Middle School not only

as a math teacher also as a 6th

Grade Team Leader, Thanks

                               Mrs. Garcia


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